About Bo Vest shirt

What is Bo Vest?

Bo Vest is not a life-jacket nor an ordinary life-saver. It is a floatation vest, with an inflatable built-in chamber. The shape of the air chamber is such that when inflated, it covers the wearer’s front, back and sides. The shape guarantees comfortable usage.

The chamber is filled via a tube with a valve, using air exhaled by the wearer. The vest’s buoyancy depends on the volume of air pumped into it.


… and who it’s for?

We designed Bo Vest with kitesurfers and windsurfers in mind.

However, during tests, we noticed that not only kitesurfers and windsurfers show en interest. Surfers, SUP boarders, snorkelers and swimmers are kin to use it too.


Asekuracyjna koszulka pneumatyczna Bo Vest

The story of Bo Vest shirt

I’ve been running my windsurfing school,  since over 25 years and since early 90-ties, I was constantly looking for a good floatation device. Both for those still learning to surf as well as confident surfers. What I was looking for had to be light, not impede movements, take up a little room in luggage and inconspicuous while you put it on. That immediately ruled out life-jackets and life-savers.

Then the kitesurfing era dawned. My search for a floatation device continued and became ever more essential. A kite might fly away or lose air leaving a rider in the water with a board which usually lacks buoyancy.

While repairing a kite tubes, a simple idea occurred to me: why not to mount an air chamber into a polyester top.  It would be easy to wear and to pump, if needed, using exhaled air through the one pump system – like in airlines life jacets.

It took us a number of months to come up with an optimal shape for the air chambers. Finally, we managed to design a single chamber spanning the front, back and sides (under the arms).

During several month long BoVest  tests, we also realised that apart from safety, the thermal insulation is significantly improved – which makes for more comfortable and safer perfomance in colder condition.

Maciej Boszko




Instruction how to use BoVest

Where to buy

Bo Vest shirt is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Bo Vest shirt can be tested on Chałupy 3 camping at the Bo Sport windsurfing school,
there’s also a possibility of lending the shirt for tests in Warsaw, in the company office at Wał Miedzeszyński 377.


Bo Vest Can be purchased at:

Bosport Travel ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 377 03-980 Warszawa Tel: 22 616 04 34 Email: sklep@bosport.pl , maciek@bosport.pl
Bosport Windsurfing School Camping Chałupy 3 84-120 Półwysep Helski Tel: 58 764 37 42
Hydrosfera ul, Starowiejska 23 84-120 Władysławowo Tel: 608 380 659